Weight Loss

Weight Not Coming Off?

Maybe you’re not getting enough quality deep sleep.

Many of us on our journey to loose weight and stay in shape often time think of the traditional methods. We tend to think of dieting, cutting calories, drinking more water and going to the gym. While all of those things definitely help and have their place. If we get this one thing wrong, we may not benefit the way that we should from our efforts.

Research has shown the that the link between quality sleep and weight loss are significant. Not only in weight loss but quality deep sleep effect our overall health and vigor. The lack of quality deep sleep has shown to even effect our life span and hormone leptin which play a vital role in weight loss. Without the proper deep sleep our body even increase the hormone cortisol which leads to more belly fat.

John Barban is a leading expert in the metabolic and weight loss field. He has a master degree in human biology and a degree in nutrition from the University of Guelph. He also taught human performance at the Universty of Florida for many years. He directly created or played an advisory role in the creation of brands like Slim Quick, Blue Star Nutraceuticals, MuscleTech, NxLabs and Empowered Nutrition Products.

John Barban teaching at the Universisty of Florida

John Baran’s latest product is a all natural blend of ingriedants that to this date has reported a total of 32,434 pounds loss from participants. Along with weight loss some of the other benefits are clarity of mind, increased energy and a higher libido.

Result of taking Resurge

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How An On The Job Accident Lead To A Flatter Belly In 21 Days

Turning the body into a fat burning machine

Officer Tara Lamb was on duty and had a head on collision with a light pole that left her crippled with pain. She was also an athlete who would always keep herself in shape. However after the accident she found herself unable to workout and began to pack on the pounds. She went on to say that during this time in her life, she was in the worst shape of her life and began to fall into depression.

Although she tried to workout, the exercises was just too painful for her and every diet she tried left her disappointed with the results. That lead to her having late night cravings and turning to food for comfort, which only made matters worst.

More Bad News For Officer Tara

After a visit to her doctor, she was giving even more bad news. “You have to lose weight, Tara”. The Doctor spoke to her in a patronizing voice. Her doctor went on and explained to her that she was dangerously close to having type 2 diabetes.

Officer Tara husband, Todd Lamb who at the time was a SWAT team member with over 350 missions under his belt and a background in the military, tried hopelessly to encourage and help his wife. He had spent countless hours researching ways to help his wife loose the weight and regain control over her life.

Todd while at work on a SWAT mission deployed 3 OC pepper spray grenades which blew back in his face and left him feeling like he’d just completed a triathlon even though he was just trying to recover. The feeling of being exhausted from an intense workout even though he hadn’t worked out at all gave him the idea of looking at the ingredients in pepper spray.

For years it had been well known that the active ingredients in canyon peppers actually helped individuals to loose weight. That active ingredient is Oleoresin Capsaicin. But how could this help his wife? During his research he found even more evidence that supported this idea.

Researchers from the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine ran an experiment which outcome showed that men who were giving capsinoids versus the placebo actually increased expenditure and activated the brown adipose tissues.

What is Brown Adipose Tissue?

In laymans term, brown adipose tissue (brown fat) is a type of fat that turn food into body heat. During this process your body is actually burning calories and turning that unwanted white fat as a fuel source. Meaning you can actually lose weight while sitting on your couch watching television once you activate your brown adipose tissue.

The only down side to Todd’s research was that the only real source of capsaicin is cayenne pepper.

Not to be dismayed…Todd spent countless hours researching and digging through journals until he found what he calls “the holy grail spice” that just might save his wife’s life. This spice which have all the incredible benefits of capsicum without any of the unwanted side of effects of canyon peppers. Todd formulated a tea that has been proven to show outstanding results.

Officer Tara of course was doubtful at first but Todd just kept making his tea for his wife every morning. After a week she was suprised, after 2 weeks she was in awe and after 21 days she couldn’t believe the results.

Word began to spread quickly among Todd and Tara’s family and friends and wanted to try this fat burning tea. They also had amazing results.

Peter stayed on the program and over a couple of months dropped 84 pounds….completely changing his life forever.

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